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Marine Services

Whenever you need assistance and cargo handling at the port, look through our directory of companies offering marine services. The maritime service agencies usually offer marine support services, ship assist, towing, freight transportation and escort.

Read here the reviews on companies providing marine services to their partners all over the world.
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James Fisher Marine Services Ltd
John Fernandes Ltd
Formed in 2008, James Fisher Marine Services Ltd provides a wide range of specialist marine services based in the UK and Scandinavia.   John Fernandes Ltd is a private, limited liability company offering a range of harbour, cargo-handling and warehousing services, through a team of dedicated, motivated and trained staff. The company was founded in 1959.
John Mcloughlin & Son (Shipping) Ltd
Lenard Marine Shipping & Navigation
John Mcloughlin & Son (Shipping) Ltd is specializing in modern ship’s tonnage, as well as in many other different aspects of shipping business.   Established in 2005, Lenard Marine Shipping and Navigation is an independent ship owning, operating and management company incorporated in the Marshal Islands.
Libyan Seas Maritime Transport & Shipping Agencies Co.
Louis Dreyfus Armateurs
Founded in 2000, Libyan Seas Maritime Transport & Shipping Agencies Co., is a private company having a wide experience in all kinds of shipping within the international lines.   Founded in 1893, Louis Dreyfus Armateurs is a professional and innovative ship owner specializing in bulk logistics and transshipment.
Lucky Dolphin Marine Services
Magnolia Marine Transport Company
Lucky Dolphin Marine Services offers a wide range of shipping and logistic services tailored to your vessel's needs.   Magnolia Marine Transport Company moves cargoes throughout the Mississippi River system and intracoastal waterways of the Gulf of Mexico.
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