The listing of companies providing logistic software for shipping companies, offering transportation and warehouse management systems, as well as freight forwarding, logistics management, cargo tracking software. LOCATIONS

Logistics Software

Most of modern shipping companies use special shipping management software to simplify the work with clients and websites, as well as to speed up the shipping process itself. Look here through the companies providing logistics software like transportation and warehouse management systems, as well as freight forwarding, logistics management, cargo tracking software.

Find a software providing that would meet your needs best.
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Overseas Moving Companies
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CargoWiz is a professional provider of truck and container loading software to solve problems of its customers.   Control^Shift has all necessary equipment, experience and manpower to offer customers the ultimate in office and IT relocation expertise.
CorePartners, Inc.
Creative Logistics Solutions
Being an experienced company, CorePartners, Inc. is a computer engineering company that has been devoted to custom software development, IT consulting and Internet/Intranet applications specializing in logistics since the company’s foundation.   Established in 1995, Creative Logistics Solutions (CLS) provides transportation consulting services and multi-carrier shipping systems to many of the largest companies in the world.
Digital Waybill Courier Software
E-DEA S.p.A.
Digital Waybill is an easy-to-use courier and delivery software. Whether you run a small courier, delivery or messenger service or a national trucking company, Digital Waybill can meet your unique business needs.   E-DEA S.p.A. is a professional provider of new generation technologies and IT solutions for the today’s global maritime transportation and logistics industry.
Four Soft Ltd.
Freightgate, Inc.
Founded in 1999, Four Soft Ltd. is one of the world's transportation and logistics software company providing innovative enterprise solutions for customer satisfaction.   Freightgate, Inc., founded in 1994, is the Internet based supply chain software solutions provider for global shippers, forwarders and carriers working to effectively manage the complex and demanding information flow in modern worldwide supply chain.
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