The listing of companies providing logistic software for shipping companies, offering transportation and warehouse management systems, as well as freight forwarding, logistics management, cargo tracking software. LOCATIONS

Logistics Software

Most of modern shipping companies use special shipping management software to simplify the work with clients and websites, as well as to speed up the shipping process itself. Look here through the companies providing logistics software like transportation and warehouse management systems, as well as freight forwarding, logistics management, cargo tracking software.

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Universal Express International, Inc.
2Ship Solutions Inc.
California based freight forwarding agent. Offering specialty transportation and value added services. Web based shipping tools on site.   2Ship Solutions Inc., based in Toronto, Canada, provides quality products, service and support for all its customers. Its software and services help clients carry out business in an efficient, cost-effective manner with minimal human involvement.
3PL Central, LLC
3PL Systems, Inc.
3PL Central is a company specializing in software dedicated to needs of third-party logistics providers. It is a fast growing WMS provider in the industry, with 3PL customers throughout the world.   3PL Systems Inc. is an innovative software development company that provides software solutions for freight broker community.
ADi SmartBOL
Accellos, located in Colorado Springs, CO, is a global provider of supply chain software solutions including logistics, warehouse, third party logistics, transportation and mobile fleet management.   ADi SmartBOL is a privately owned New Jersey Corporation with offices located in Piscataway, New Jersey. The company develops and sells shipping software products and services.
AGI Worldwide, Inc.
Established in 1999, Alvarado Group Incorporated (AGI) Worldwide is a leading global provider of Supply Chain Execution solutions.   Agistix provides transportation management solution as an on-demand service, providing shipping companies with the technology and services needed to increase visibility and control costs of their inbound and outbound logistics.
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