The directory of international land transport companies providing trucking transportation all over the world. Get here a free quote for transporting your freight overland. LOCATIONS

Land Transport Services

When shipping your freight overland, consider the list of trucking companies at our directory. Land transport companies providing safe and reputable freight transport services internationally. Though road shipping is not the fastest type of transport, but your cargo will get tailored land transport service.

Whatever you want to ship overland – commercial or residential goods, hazardous materials or equipment, you have come to a right place!
Low cost international shipping and moving services!
Overseas Moving Companies
Reliable overseas transportation from shipping service providers located all over the globe. Choose your necessary destination and get a company providing transportation and moving services worldwide..

Delia International
Delta Trans Transporte Sp. z o.o.
Delia International is a transport company that offers international transport services of all types including multimodal general transport between Europe, Russia and former USSR countries.   Founded in 1989, Delta Trans Transporte Sp. z o.o. is a transport and forwarding company based in Poland, providing domestic and international deliveries of general goods and parcels.
Devnak International Transportation
Devriendt-Hansmar N.V.
Established in 1989, Devnak International Transportation is a leading international transport and logistics company that serves as an international transport to many countries.   Devriendt-Hansmar N.V. is a transport company specializing in boats and yachts transports, agricultural machinery (such as combines, harvesters, balers, tractors), vessels and long haul cargo.
Dixon International Transport
Donau Trans Polska Sp z o.o.
Established in 1979, Dixon International Transport is a young, dynamic logistics and distribution company in the North-East of Ireland. It serves the entire country in a cost effective and efficient manner.   Established in 2001, Donau Trans Polska Sp z o.o. offers efficient complex services and helps realize customers’ needs in logistic, transport and forwarding industry.
Drzymala International Transport
Since 2004, DorMat has been providing its customers with quality international transport and forwarding services. The company deals with all types of cargo and operate all over the Europe, paying special attention to the Balkans.   Drzymala International Transport was founded in 1988 in Poznan, Poland. The company offers quality transportation services throughout Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Western Europe.
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