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Located in Corbin, Kentucky, Worley's Hauling is a small family business specializing in "special needs horses" including foals, weanlings and yearlings as well as other horses with special needs due to age, diet, blindness or crippled limbs. LOCATIONS


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United States
Phone:       606-526-9408
Fax:            775-703-0485
Address:P. O. Box 1525
Corbin , Kentucky
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Worley's Hauling transports donkeys, ponies and miniature horses as well as full-sized horses, llamas, alpacas, ostriches and other exotic animals. The company transports throughout the United States and between the United States and Canada, offering:
- domestic pets, dogs, cats, birds transportation;
- plants transportation;
- discounts on "Rescue Horses" and multiple horses on same trip.

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