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MIŚ Transport and Spedition is one of the oldest family run transport companies in Poland. The company has been transporting goods for years. LOCATIONS

"MIŚ" Transport and Spedition

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"MIŚ" Transport and Spedition
Contact:    Stanisław Witek
Phone:       +48 14 633 22 02
Fax:            +48 14 633 22 02
Address:ul. Obroncow Lwowa 2
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Thanks to its long experience MIS Transport and Spedition was able to create a company which possesses a complex fleet and provides a wide range of transport services including:
- oversize transport;
- transportation of tanks, machines, constructions and all kinds of non-standard goods;
- silo transport;
- transportation of bulk freights by means of silo dump trucks;
- refrigerated transport;
- transportation goods that have to be kept at a constant temperate during transit;
- general cargo transportation (1-33 pallets);
- tracktor trailers with articulated trucks with the capacity of 33-38 pallets.

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