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Set up in 1932, Gelissen Paardentransport BV is a transportation company that specializes in the professional door-to-door transportation of horses in the Netherlands and throughout the European Union. LOCATIONS

Gelissen Paardentransport BV

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Gelissen Paardentransport BV
Phone:       +31 (0)46 437 35 74
Fax:            +31 (0)46 437 43 68
Address:Aan de Drie Heren 11
6191 BH
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Gelissen Paardentransport BV offers the services as follows:
- Horse transport nationally and internationally for: race meetings & horse shows, horse breeding, sales transport, veterinary clinic visits and delivery to and collection from various airports in the EU.
- Regular transportations to/from Belgium, Germany, UK, Spain, Italy (either via France, or via Austria)
- Comfortable horses stables
- Export Certification within and for outside the EU
- Import Certification

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