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Based in the UK, Anon Car Shipping is a professional car transportation company dedicated to offering shipping services from UK to overseas countries like Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Cyprus and many more. LOCATIONS

Anon Car Shipping

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United Kingdom
Anon Car Shipping
Phone:       08003 101 273
Fax:            08003 101 273
Address:Suite 14 Chancery Court,Brooklands Road
Hull , Yorkshire
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Services of Anon Car Shipping comprise the following:
- RoRo cars transportation
- containerized cars transportation
- exporting of new and used cars transportation
- international shipping and export services
- saloon and 4x4 cars transportation
- trucks, SUV's and motorbikes transporting
- inspecting and valleting cars before shipping

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Customer's Reviews:

Blanca Fouche

I can say with confidence that they are a great company and the staff are efficient and customer focused. Mike from ANON was very organized and knew what I wanted and made sure it was done in a timely manner. Thank you Anon for taking the stress away from me. Now all I have to do is sit tight and wait for my car to arrive at the Port.

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