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Abedi Fracht- und Handel GmbH is an international forwarding agency, established in 1995. It is a medium-sized enterprise. The company can accommodate any of its customers demands. LOCATIONS

Abedi Fracht- und Handel GmbH

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Abedi Fracht- und Handel GmbH
Phone:       0049-40-33 85 11
Fax:            0049-40-33 85 12
Address:Liebigstr. 2 - 20
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Abedi Fracht- und Handel GmbH is committed to offering the following:
- world-wide maritime-traffic;
- FCL container;
- LCL general cargo;
- conventional shipment;
- HGV transport;
- see freight;
- world-wide air freight services;
- import payment of duty;
- logistics and outsourcing;
- crosstrade;
- heavy freight conveyance and project embarkation.

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