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2Ship Solutions Inc., based in Toronto, Canada, provides quality products, service and support for all its customers. Its software and services help clients carry out business in an efficient, cost-effective manner with minimal human involvement. LOCATIONS

2Ship Solutions Inc.

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2Ship Solutions Inc.
Phone:       (905) 840-2016
Address:27 Automatic Road
Brampton , Ontario
L6S 5N8
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2Ship Solutions Inc. offers software solutions to perform the following:
- easily view all carrier invoices and charges on each shipment;
- digitally centralize your carrier invoices;
- search for shipment data using any variable;
- choose from a number of hard coded reports;
- Generate Remittance Reports for payment to the carrier;
- sort and filter shipments;
- regularly schedule backups;
- additional upgrades available at affordable rates;
- global warehousing solutions;
- inventory optimization and dispersement;
- real time client visibility;
- integration with Client platforms for automated off-site shipping;
- client shipment booking, off-site label generation;
- trucking and air freight;
- small package;
- inbound and outbound;
- returns program;
- cross border consolidation;
- virtual distribution.

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Customer's Reviews:

Harvey Gordon

I have used the 2Ship software for several months and it does what they promised it would. I can choose between the 2 courier companies I use for the best rates. I use the cross-border functions once a week and it saves me a lot of hassle and money.

I would recommend 2Ship to any company that uses parcel shipping.

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